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  • Product Name : Linear atc wood cnc router machine with Saw blade R30
    Size : R30
    Country of Origin : China
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  • Machine Description


    Machine applicable industry: cutting slot punch can be used for processing board type furniture moving modelling processing cabinet door closet door door soft package real wood interior door door solid wood furniture computer desk of the lacquer that bake mahjong children furniture office furniture wooden sound wooden crafts and other non-metallic materials of multistep processing and milling shape sheet (not limited)


    Machine Application


    The cabinet door is dual-purpose. For small and medium-sized cabinets and wardrobe processing plants, the output is moderate, and the processing efficiency of the equipment is not too high. This can not only improve equipment utilization, but also avoid the risk of buying equipment at high prices. And the advantage of processing the door panel by yourself is that you can control the processing quality and processing time yourself.

    This machine is a special panel furniture engraving machine specially designed by cabinet manufacturers. It is suitable for panel cabinets and other components, cutting, engraving, slotting, drilling, multi-purpose, saving cost, labor and time. , Shoe cabinets, office furniture, custom furniture.



    Working area 1300*2500*200mm
    Spindle 9kw + 3.5*2 + band saw blade
    spindle speed 0-24000rmp
    Servo motor Leadshine  1500w servo motor
    Inverter 11kw Hpmont
    Control system Taiwan syntec
    Ball screw Taiwan 2510
    Reducer MOTOVARIO
    Rack HICK
    Travel speed 100000mm/min
    Max process speed 35000mm/min
    Vacuum pump 7.5 water pump
    Dust 5.5 kw
    Voltage 220v/380v
    weight 2600kg